February 23, 2018
February 27, 2018
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For This Project You Will Need:


  • MC107 001A carder’s pack – die cut embellishments
  • MC107 001A carder’s pack – selection of papers
  • Blooms
  • Fibres – off white
  • FabScraps crystal bling
  • Hot glue gun
  • Adhesive – double sided tape
  • White cardstock
  • Metal dies and cutting machine
  • Diamond dust
  • Pearls
  • Seam binding
  • Velcro dots
  • Ink – quick dry fluid chalk ink – pastel violet



Instructions for your card and envelope

  1. Make the base of your mini album using white cardstock – I used a very old template which can be found here http://poppypaperie.typepad.com/poppy_paperie/2010/10/mini-fold-book.html. Over the years I have tweaked this template a little bit as I make up the base mini album. But it is definitely a ‘go to’ template.
  2. Cut a selection of papers from the carder’s pack – mine were cut a smidgeon under 3” square for every square panel throughout the mini album.
  3. Ink around the edges with an ink pad – I used quick dry fluid chalk ink – pastel violet – to bring out a little more purple.
  4. I put strips of double sided adhesive on the back of each square/rectangle of patterned paper and set them aside.
  5. Cut out doily shapes using another set of the patterned papers from the carder’s pack – I have used three doilies.
  6. Cut out a selection of smaller doily shapes using white cardstock. I have used two white cardstock doilies for each large doily.
  7. Cut strips of paper lace – I have used a lacey looking metal die.
  8. Starting at the front of my mini album – adhere one piece of patterned paper to the left hand side panel.
  9. Then adhere a piece of your lacey white paper along the left hand side edge.
  10. Second page – fold large doily in half. Adhere back of the flap of the doily to the back side of the patterned paper square and then adhere to the mini album itself – hope that makes sense. Do not adhere the top of the flap of the doily to the paper. Now adhere one white cardstock doily to the underneath of the larger doily and another white cardstock doily to the top of the larger doily. Then select a die cut from the carder’s pack and adhere on the white cardstock doily and then select a small bloom and a piece of crystal bling and adhere to the die cut. So in actual fact, you are building up a flap. You can now lift that flap and tuck in a photo or journaling.
  11. These two pages are repeated throughout the mini album and I have alternated occasionally throughout the mini album the pages.
  12. The last two and a half pages I have done slightly differently.
  13. The left hand side paper panel square remains the same, but I have cut out another smaller white cardstock doily and cut in half and layered it, scored and adhered but allowed for the top to lift up as a flap and then cut out a circle in patterned paper, cut in half, adhered and then adhered a crystal bling.
  14. The middle panel has the doily flaps and a circle cut from the patterned paper.
  15. The smaller strip of patterned paper panel has the lacey edge paper on the left hand side of the panel and a half of the Velcro dot for closure added to it.
  16. Skinny pieces of patterned paper are cut for the smaller side strips of the mini album together with another lacey edge.
  17. To close the top of the mini album, I have cut another small white cardstock doily and cut it in half, cut a circle of patterned paper, adhered to the top of the cardstock doily and adhered to each edge.
  18. The top right hand side has an embellishment cluster of fibres, a strand of pearls and a handmade bloom.
  19. Using a toothpick randomly apply gloss gel and then a sprinkling of diamond dust and allow to dry.
  20. Cut three white cardstock tags, run the ink pad around the edges, thread through seam binding and tear a little of the patterned paper and adhere to the top of the tags. Each tag is placed between the double pages for additional notes/journaling.


Happy creating.



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