January 22, 2018
February 22, 2018
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A very Happy National Scrapbooking Day to all our Fab Fans!

In honour of this special day, we asked our Design Team members what Scrapbooking means to them and what their experience has been like being on our Design Team this past year… 

We are so grateful for every single one of our members. Take a look at what they had to say:



“I think that for a lot of people, scrapbooking is a hobby; a means of “therapy”.  Outsiders surely see it as “cutting and pasting”.  Little do they know that it is so much more than that!  It is ART.  Personally, my scrapping style has evolved a lot, but I do still scrap to tell stories.  The images that I use in my work are ways to document a story or an event; one that my daughter will one day be able to look back and reminisce upon.  In this era where everything is digital, how lovely it is to have physical evidence of your most favourite memories, displayed as art. Scrapbooking not only feeds my soul, but it excites me because there is always, ALWAYS so much to learn; so many beautiful and amazing products and techniques that continue to be released into the world!  Scrapbooking completes me!

I’ve loved all the time I have spent as a DT member for Fabscraps.  Not just this past year – but the years before that too.  It has been a privilege for me to serve on this team, alongside some really incredible designers and the Fabscraps team.  I’ve made friends and extended ‘family’ too.  Imagine how amazing it is that a company provides you with their incredible products and you get to showcase their beautifully designed papers, chippies, stickers and stencils!  Isn’t that just an honour?  I certainly think it is!”



“It was one of the most amazing experiences to be the Design Team of Africa’s largest manufacturing company – FABSCRAPS. It forces me to think out of the box and be more creative than ever!

FabScrap’s Paper Collections and over the 3000 other product lines make it possible to preserves the stories behind the photos. The papers and accessories available from FabScraps give us lots of creative options for doing more than just filing photos in an album. For me scrapbooking is a creative hobby and the best of all – no experience or expertise is required, especially when you work with all the great Paper Collections, Stencils, Stamp Sets and all other amazing products from FabScraps.”



My passion for paper crafting has burned brightly for a little while now. I have steadily been paper cutting, gluing and creating since the birth of my first daughter over 13 years ago. I have always done some form of crafting, but it’s paper and glue that lights my fire J I first started for recording the everyday moments and took much inspiration from my two girls and the little things that they said and did.  Over time, my style has somewhat evolved with the different trends and experimentation with new product.  I create as a further artistic expression of myself and I get a wonderful sense of achievement when I turn paper and a few other items into an idea that has formed in my mind.

Quite simply, I create for the love of it.

**Sigh** Creating for Fab Scraps and with their products has been and always will be a beautiful creative journey for me. 

I just love the fabulous versatility of each of their collections. I just adore all of their beautiful collections; it is truly hard to pick a favourite! 



What do I love about scrapbooking/crafting?  Where do I start?  Most importantly to me, it’s my ‘me’ time. When I’m at home, you will normally find me creating something and when I’m creating I can only honestly say, I lose track of time. 

I love to play with paper, cardstock, gesso, mists, flowers – the list goes on really.  I’m a ‘bitsers’ kinda girl and I love adding ‘bitsers’ to my creativity.

Sometimes I scrapbook purely for the memories, sometimes I scrapbook purely for the art – the creativity side wants to come out and play.

Once upon a time I couldn’t do ‘messy’, but now I just play, oops, be a little more creative. 

Knowing that there is a parcel of FabScraps goodies heading in my direction, you can be sure that I’m keeping an eye on the online system to see where my parcel is tracking around the world, seeing Mr Courier Man pulling up my drive, or seeing that box of goodies on my doorstep when I get home from work is a highlight.  I have to be honest and say, anything else is then overlooked, it’s time to find the scissors and get that package opened.  And then, well then … one normally has to listen to me ooh-in and aah-ing as I am spreading out everything on the floor.  Looking, nodding, talking to myself.  It’s just what I do!

I’m greeted with beautiful FabScraps product, pretty patterned papers, stickers, stencils, chipboard, die cuts, albums.

A big huge thank you to the FabScraps team for allowing me the opportunity to play, oops, should I say be creative, with their amazing products.

It’s Fabulicious.  It’s FabScraps.




I have been in the scrapbook industry since 2006 and opened up a shop in 2008. I gave up my full time job to follow my passion. 

I have always enjoyed everything creative, sometimes a little afraid of doing things as I always felt it was not good enough.

I have always admired ladies who are on design teams and a few times I have wanted to try out for these.

Last year I took the plunge and decided now is the time to stop being scared of my potential and try out for fabscraps design team.

Can you imagine the excitement I felt being chosen, it’s as if I was given a new lease in life.

Being on the design team has made me think out the box, trying out new things, not being much of a carder. I had to think of cards to design. Off the page items and layouts.

My journey for the 2017/2018 design team was an eye opener realising how much talent there is out there and has made me realise never to doubt that you cannot do something, rather say I can and will try to make something out of the best situation. 

Thank you fabscraps for giving me this opportunity and I will miss being part of this team. I want to re-apply but opening my shop again in early Feb, I am scared I will not have enough time.. But there is always a side of me that says do it…



I started the year in awe that I had actually been chosen to be on the Design Team,  it had never been a consideration but the ladies I teach at scrap ‘n chat were determined I should enter, I have insistently taught my ladies that you can be inspired by other layouts but to work with those ideas and create your own pages!  The day before the deadline I entered and I haven’t looked back on the experience!

The first box I was a bit wary of the paper and grey chipboard pieces, so actually was not really sure what was required and how creative I could be.  I did a single page layout and must have checked myself 100 x or more before sending it through – since then I haven’t looked back, peach and green paper doesn’t scare me anymore!  My scrap ‘n chat ladies are a huge support, encouraging me to step further and further out of my box!  The most recent collection of Will Travel for Food, really allowed me to be creative, so have set my own standards high!  Thank you FabScraps for allowing me that opportunity!

Throughout the year businesses around East London have heard and seen what I have done and it’s most definitely increased my clientele for my business Out of the Box Designer and I go into 2018 consulting for PNA EL in their new Scrapbooking and Craft Department once a week.

From the year with the Design Team I can only go forward and enjoy scrapbooking and hopefully teaching workshops one day too.



Living in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada, I like to spent my Winters hibernating. The rest of the year I confess to having rather hermit-like tendencies. Being a part of the FabScraps Design Team makes it all very easy and enjoyable! Who needs to go out when you can wander into craft room and spend an afternoon with the lovely Ladies of the My Fair Lady Collection. Or if winter is feeling a little bit long, I can escape to the magical garden of the Charms of Spring Collection. When the magical season of Christmas is fast approaching, I can sing with the angels in the Joy to the World Collection. When it all gets to be too much, I can just take that tropical escape with the Wild Beauty Collection. No matter which collection it is, I can spend that afternoon of escape, and step out of my craft room refreshed and ready to take on the world! Oh, the life of a happy hibernating hermit! 😊


Why do I enjoy Papercrafting?

I have so many good reasons to partake in any form of artistic expression: the thrill of learning something new, a medium to express myself, meeting like- minded individuals, making new friends, sharing ideas, shopping up a storm for supplies and most importantly the joy of letting time stand still while you create something unique.

What has being on the FabScraps Design Team meant to me?

Being part of the FabScraps Design Team for this past year has been like coming home!  FabScraps are more than just the largest manufacturers of scrapbooking products in Africa, they are a genuinely caring family who both inspire and support their design team members in every way possible……and what’s more you get to share ideas, be inspired and have loads of laughs with other fabulicious design team members.  Really a great team to be part of!




  1. Lesley de Clercq says:

    WOW Helen we are so proud of you and your achievements. Your help and advice is also so readily available to us. Wishing only the very best to you and all the other amazing designers in your team. Thank you FABSCRAPS for awesome creative material for us to work with.

  2. Mary says:

    Looking for a theme for National Scrapbook Day 2018 for Virginia Scrapbook retreats.

  3. Hayden says:

    It works very well for me

  4. Sylvia says:

    Thank you for the terrific article

  5. Eddie says:

    Thanks to the wonderful guide

  6. Could you please tell me when is PA. National scrapping day. And where it’s being held, and how much. Thank you for all your help. Sue Ann

    • Caitlin Fowle says:

      Hi honey, where about are you based? South Africa’s National Scrapbooking Day is held every January, there are many locations available across the country and they are ALL amazing to be a part of!

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